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Meet Blink, 1 1/2 years of age & a whopping 13 lbs, very small & she is a happy bouncy full of energy, confident social pug & socializes with other dogs. She loves to be held, learning basic commands. She is being socialized daily in our dog daycare environment with added training to boot so she has no fear of large to small dogs, very playful. All she wants is love & a loyal human companionship. When we found her she was attacked by another dog & was used for a litter of puppies & this is why she lost her eye. Now her life has changed for the better & she is currently looking for her forever home. Blink is currently up for adoption now as she has had all current vaccination's, spayed, eye sutured but will need sutures taken out within a week & she is also chipped. Please feel free to fill out the adoption application & will contact the first applicant's once application is received. 

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